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First Venture
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First Venture

First Venture

About the project -

First Venture

First Venture, a Swedish venture capital firm, is publicly traded on the First North Growth Market Stock Exchange. Their primary focus for investments lies within the realms of technology, healthcare, and sustainable enterprises. Together we updated their brand and website!

{Project Deliverables}

Project Deliverables

The project comprised three key components: expanding their brand assets, web design, and web development. A crucial requirement for this project was to ensure the website's scalability and ease of management, given their evolving portfolio of investments and need for two languages, English & Swedish. In addition to this, we had to incorporate specific third-party integrations into the site to ensure compliance with the regulatory obligations associated with being listed on a stock exchange.

{The Result}


We developed the entire website with scalability as a top priority. We implemented custom solutions for portfolio filtering, ensuring a dynamic and hassle-free experience when adding or removing new portfolio companies. It simply works seamlessly! The website is fully compliant with regulatory standards and adheres to all the requirements of a publicly traded company.


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First Venture

Mikael Rydle

Investment Manager


First Venture

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