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Peops Relations
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Peops Relations

Peops Relations

About the project -

Peops Relations

Peops Relations is an HR consultancy that offers its clients a comprehensive range of HR expertise, delivering greater value at the same cost. Amidst their expansion, they sought to revamp their website to mirror the quality of service they provide to their clients.

{Project Deliverables}

Project Deliverables

The initial project scope involved modernizing their existing website. However, as the project progressed, the scope expanded significantly. Collaboratively, we generated ideas and opted to incorporate additional features into their website, including a case study page, design of social media banners, rollup designs, and more. The project got bigger and even more engaging!

{The Result}


As the project advanced, we iteratively designed and developed new site features until both parties were fully content. We engaged in a productive exchange of ideas to achieve the optimal outcome. The final result was a comprehensive website that not only fulfilled all of Peops Relations' initial expectations but exceeded them. In addition to delivering the design and development of their new website, we also addressed other graphic design needs as per their request.


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Hey, even superheroes need a reality check sometimes. That's why we turned to our amazing customers to let their words do the talking.

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Phent {Studio} were responsive and gave us as a customer the opportunity to be involved in the design work at all times. They adapted to our wishes and needs and delivered everything we wanted. A fun and good collaboration!
Peops Relations

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Peops relations

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