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5 Venture Capital Websits Built In Webflow

Today, we'll explore five Venture Capital websites created using Webflow
The Phent Team
October 5, 2023
5 min read
5 Venture Capital Websits Built In Webflow

Websites crafted using Webflow often lead the way in terms of cutting-edge design and a contemporary aesthetic. In this article, we'll take a closer look at five distinct venture capital websites that have been constructed using Webflow.

Norrsken VC

Norrsken VC is an extension of the Norrsken Foundation (whose main website is also constructed using Webflow) and was initiated by Niklas Adalberth, one of the co-founders of Klarna. Thus far, they have made more than 40 investments in companies dedicated to all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What we like: The site's boldness is undeniably captivating, setting it apart. If you've visited their foundation's website, you'll appreciate the consistency in branding here. It unmistakably aligns with the Norrsken Foundation's identity, which is truly commendable!

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ARK KAPITAL is revolutionizing venture capital and funding for businesses with their innovative approach. They introduce a unique funding option for startups called 'The Ark Growth Loan,' which you can learn more about here.

What we like: The interactive features on ARK KAPITAL's website are exceptionally well-executed. They engage users effectively, sparking curiosity and a desire to delve deeper into their company and offerings. Their use of visual elements to illustrate their offerings makes complex information easy to understand. Many companies could benefit from adopting such user-friendly communication strategies on their websites to enhance information accessibility.

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Jungle Ventures

We previously featured this website in one of our other blog posts where we explored the key elements of a successful venture capital website. It continues to impress and earns its spot on this list.

What we like: As we highlighted in our previous article, the website's landing page is truly captivating. It piques the viewer's curiosity and keeps them engaged, eagerly anticipating what the next section of the website has in store. While we didn't mention it in our earlier post, we must give a big shoutout to Refokus for their outstanding work in building this website. Credit is due where it's deserved, and we always admire exceptional web design, regardless of the creator.

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Rainfall Ventures

Rainfall Ventures stands out as a unique case on this list, and you might be wondering what sets them apart. The special factor here? Well, they actually invested in Webflow back in 2013, which makes them a significant part of the incredible platform that has evolved over the years.

What impresses us: If you recall the impressive website we just shared from Jungle Ventures, you'll be pleased to know that this website belongs to the same league. It's a testament to the outstanding work by the talented team at Refokus, who built both sites.

Returning to what we appreciate about this website, it offers a fantastic user journey within a single-page solution. It proves that sometimes, you don't need multiple pages to truly captivate users. Instead, focusing on quality over quantity and delivering excellence is the key, which Refokus has masterfully achieved with this project!

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CreatorLed is a venture capital firm that has their LP base of the world's top influencers.

This website offers an exceptional scrolling experience that keeps you engaged and eager to discover the next captivating animation. Moreover, as you scroll, it seamlessly delivers all the essential information you need. This goes to show that engaging animations on a website aren't just there for their visual appeal; they serve a meaningful and purposeful function.

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What to take away

So, what can we learn from these diverse websites? Each one exudes a unique vibe and elicits distinct feelings during your browsing experience. The key takeaway here is to align your website design with the brand identity you want to establish for your VC company.

If you require assistance in effectively conveying your brand's essence, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to share our expertise and provide you with valuable tips and tricks for your upcoming website project!

The Phent Team
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