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How We Build Venture Capital Websites

Discover our collaborative process with Venture Capital Companies
The Phent Team
October 8, 2023
5 min read
How We Build Venture Capital Websites

We strongly advocate that to create something truly exceptional, one must possess a genuine passion for it and find it genuinely intriguing to gain a profound understanding of the clients' requirements. This perspective becomes even more crucial when dealing with creative endeavors, such as web design and development.

In this post, we will delve into our approach to collaborating with venture capitalists to craft websites that cater precisely to their unique needs and effectively represent their company's identity through the medium of a website.

Step 1 - Identifying Brand Messaging & Target Audience

When starting a website project, regardless of the industry, it's crucial to define the brand messaging you intend to convey to your future users and the essential functionalities you require.

Venture capital firms typically have two primary target audiences: startups seeking funding and potential investment opportunities. If the fund includes Limited Partners (LPs), reaching out to them is also important.

So, how can you effectively engage both of these audiences seamlessly? A common thread among these users is their interest in the venture capitalist's past and current investments. Therefore, a robust portfolio section or page becomes a central focus for a venture capital website. It should offer advanced sorting and filtering options to enhance the user experience and provide brief information about each company the firm has invested in.

Here are some filter options we recommend including:

  • Industries (tech, space, health, etc)
  • Listed or not (If the company is public or not)
  • Exited or active investment (Are you still a shareholder in the company or have you exited)
  • Region (Where is the company located)

Step 2 - Investing strategy and philosophy

Now that we've ensured users can view your past investments and your current portfolio, it's essential to communicate why you made these investments and what sets you apart from other venture capitalists.

In the image below, you can see how we introduced a concise overview of First Venture Sweden's investment strategy on their website, which we launched a few months ago. For more details about this project, you can click here, or to explore their website, visit their website.

The image above serves as a captivating focal point on the landing page, providing a brief introduction to the three main components of their strategy. If users wish to delve deeper, we've included CTAs that guide them to more information about First Venture Sweden's investment strategy and philosophy.

Step 3 - The Team is a Two Way Street

As a Venture Capitalist, you understand that the founding team plays a pivotal role in a startup's success and its ability to gain traction with their idea. Interestingly, the same principle holds true from a startup's perspective. The team at the Venture Capital company is nearly as crucial when selecting a partner.

Therefore, we always recommend a comprehensive team page that offers a clear understanding of the individuals behind the fund or firm and why they make an excellent partner for potential startups.

Furthermore, considering the potential inclusion of Limited Partners (LPs) among the target audience, it becomes even more vital to introduce the team behind the fund. This ensures that LPs have confidence in the hands they are entrusting their investments to. Users should be able to read about each team member, understand their specific roles, and learn about their past accomplishments.

Additionally, providing contact information for all team members is beneficial. This allows people to reach out to the right person for specific inquiries, avoiding the frustration of generic 'info@' emails and the inconvenience of being redirected multiple times.

Step 4 - Cherry on top features to have on a Venture Capital Website

At Phent {Studio}, we consistently strive to discover those 'cherry on top' features for each unique website project, elevating the overall feel to one of completeness and thoughtful design. It's essential to remember that these features can vary based on a company's specific requirements, which is always a key consideration. Below, we've compiled a brief list of elements that can not only save you time but also enhance the website's completeness and add that final touch of quality.

List of cherry on top features for a venture capital website:

  • Pitch Deck Upload Feature - An area where startups can easily submit their pitch decks, streamlining the process of evaluating and seeding companies.
  • Application Procedure - Provide users with an overview of the application process, including a typical timeline for the investment evaluation.
  • News and Press Updates - Demonstrate your awareness of the latest developments within your portfolio. Maintain a newsroom with updates on your portfolio companies and exciting internal happenings within your firm.
  • Social Proof - Display testimonials from previous partnerships that highlight your excellence as a collaborative partner.
  • Investor Access - For Limited Partners (LPs) in your fund, consider implementing a dedicated login feature where they can access customized information regarding returns and related data.

Closing words

We could discuss the elements of an excellent venture capital website endlessly. It's a niche we're deeply passionate about, and we're constantly striving to refine our expertise in crafting the ideal VC website. If you'd like to delve deeper into one of our previous projects, you can find more information here.

We trust that you've gained valuable insights for your upcoming project, and if you're eager to explore your specific needs and brainstorm ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Let's explore opportunities together!

The Phent Team
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