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Phent {Studio} - Our New Brand

We are more then excited to share with all of you that our new brand is here, Phent {Studio}
The Phent Team
September 6, 2023
5 min read
Phent {Studio} - Our New Brand

Why we decided to rebrand:

From the moment we embarked on this company journey, we've carried a deep desire to push boundaries, break the mold, and produce work we're genuinely proud of. This new brand signifies precisely that aspiration. It signifies a leap to the next level in our skillset, enabling us to create products that stand up to the high standard of quality we've always strived for.

With this snazzy rebrand, we're thrilled to shout it from the rooftops – we've gone global! Our playground now spans the entire planet, and that means whether you're chilling in Timbuktu or sipping tea in Tokyo, we're absolutely stoked to connect with you. So, no need to be shy; hit us up and let's dive into an collaboration!

Why Phent {Studio}?

We've given our name a makeover – swapping 'Digital' for 'Studio' – because we're firm believers that exceptional digital products are born from fantastic design rooted in a deep user-centric approach. From this point forward, we'll carry this philosophy at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it's a website, rollup, banner, you name it, design will forever take the center stage in our work. That's why we proudly declare ourselves a Studio. And just for fun, when we introduce ourselves, it's a bit like James Bond's style: 'Greetings, I'm from Studio... Phent {Studio}.' Cue the dramatic effect!

What you can expect from us

Get ready for our social media takeover! We're cranking up the volume and you'll find us popping up on practically every social platform out there. Why, you ask? Because we're on a mission to level up the awesomeness of the web, and we've got some seriously exciting projects in the works to make it happen!

Stay in the loop by giving us a follow on our social channels. Who knows, we might just have that perfect something in store that's tailor-made for you!





Final Flair

We're absolutely buzzing with excitement about what lies ahead in our future adventures and collaborations. We've revved up the engines to kick it into high gear and make some seriously cool moves. Oh, and trust us, we've got some exciting tricks up our sleeves that we can't wait to unveil! If you're curious about our rebrand or have some rad projects in mind, don't be shy – reach out and let's embark on this journey together!

The Phent Team
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