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One Page Websites - 4 Benefits & Examples - 2024

A one page website could suit your needs perfectly!
The Phent Team
December 11, 2023
5 min read
One Page Websites - 4 Benefits & Examples - 2024

Have you wondered about the benefits of a one-page website and when it might be a good choice? In this article, we'll explore four concrete reasons when a one-page website can be a perfect fit for your business and showcase some examples of its use!

4 Benefits of a One-Page Website

1 - Simple Navigation

The straightforward navigation on a one-page website stands out as one of its greatest advantages. By placing all information on a single page, visitors can easily scroll to find what they need instead of clicking through multiple pages.

This simplicity in navigation can be particularly advantageous for:

Quick Overview:

Visitors can quickly get an overview of all content on the website by scrolling down. This is useful if they're looking for specific information without wanting to click through multiple pages.

With anchor menu items, you can also choose to jump to the section you want. See below for an example.

Showcasing what a anchor link does on Score 90s one page website
Continuous Storytelling:

A one-page website can tell a continuous story or present information in a logical order as visitors scroll down. This can create a more engaging experience and help guide visitors through a topic or product.

Responsive Design:

Considering the increase in mobile users, a one-page website is suitable as it can adapt to various devices. Visitors can easily scroll on their mobile devices without needing to navigate between multiple pages, providing a more seamless and positive user experience.

Call-to-Actions (CTA) and Goals:

Placing clear Call-to-Actions on a one-page website is easier since visitors don't need to search around to find them. By placing CTAs at appropriate locations during scrolling, you can guide visitors towards desired actions.

In summary, a one-page website can offer smoother and more intuitive navigation for visitors, which can be beneficial for increasing engagement, reducing bounce rates, and improving the overall user experience.

2 - Fast Website Speed

When all content is on a single page, the need to load multiple pages decreases, directly impacting the website's performance and speed.

Here are some key aspects regarding the fast loading time of a one-page website:

Optimized for Speed:

Since all content is consolidated on one page, web developers can optimize and compress images, minimize code, and use other techniques to maximize the website's speed. This is crucial to minimize loading times and enhance user experience.

Reduced HTTP Requests:

Usually, each page on a website generates HTTP requests to fetch different resources like images, CSS, JavaScript, etc. With a one-page website, the number of HTTP requests decreases as everything is fetched on a single page, resulting in faster loading times.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Fast loading times are not only good for user experience but also have a positive effect on search engine optimization. Search engines like Google value fast-loading web pages and may give them an advantage in search results.

Better User Experience:

Visitors tend to be more engaged and less likely to leave a website if it loads quickly. A fast-loading one-page website can maintain a visitor's interest and reduce the risk of them abandoning their session due to slow loading.

Tailored for Mobile Devices:

With a focus on mobile usage, a one-page website is often more responsive and easily adaptable for mobile devices. Fast loading times are especially crucial on mobile devices where users expect quick access to information.

Reducing loading times is a significant advantage of a one-page website, directly impacting the user experience, SEO, and the ability to retain visitors on the site.

3 - Clear Focus & Increased Conversion

A one-page website offers the opportunity to create a continuous story or sequence of information that can guide visitors through a specific path, thereby increasing conversions.

Continuous Storytelling and Increased Conversion:

A one-page website allows for a continuous and linear presentation of information. By placing content in a logical order as visitors scroll down, you can guide them through a story or sequence of information. This is powerful in convincing visitors to perform desired actions, potentially leading to increased conversions.

Narrative Structure for Increased Engagement:

Using a storytelling structure can engage visitors in a more compelling way. Start by capturing their interest at the top of the page and then gradually guide them through a coherent flow of information or sales arguments.

Clear Call-to-Actions (CTA):

By placing clear Call-to-Actions at strategic locations along the page, such as after important information sections or at the end of the story, you can guide visitors towards desired actions such as contacting the company, purchasing a product, or subscribing to services.

Measurable Results and Increased Conversion:

Such a structure can also facilitate measurement and analysis of visitor behavior. By monitoring where visitors are along the page and what actions they take, you can optimize the layout and content to increase conversions over time.

4 - Cost Efficiency and Easy Maintenance:

Less Complexity:

A one-page website usually requires less complexity in design and development compared to multiple separate pages. This can reduce the costs of creating the website from scratch.

Reduced Development Costs:

Since all content is on a single page, development costs can significantly decrease compared to building multiple pages with different structures and layouts.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

A simpler structure and fewer pages often mean lower maintenance costs over time. Updates and changes can be more efficiently handled when there's only one page to manage.

Less Content to Manage:

Having all content gathered on one page makes it easier to manage and update. This reduces the need to handle multiple pages with different content areas.

Easier SEO Management:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes more focused and less complicated when it comes to optimizing content and metadata for a single page.

Faster Development Time:

Since a one-page website is often less complex, it can be created and launched faster than a more comprehensive multi-page site.

Flexibility in Customization:

A simpler structure provides flexibility to quickly adapt and change content or design based on needs or changing business circumstances.

In conclusion:

The cost-effectiveness of a one-page website lies in its simplicity, reduced complexity, and lower resource requirements for both development and maintenance. It can be a more economical option for smaller businesses or projects focused on communicating simple information or a specific product/service.

Examples of 4 One-Page Websites

Now that we know the benefits of a one-page website, let's showcase four examples of websites using this solution today!


Screenshot of Arqitels landing page

Arqitel features a clean and minimalist design that makes navigation easy. The website's clear visual hierarchy, engaging images, and clear call-to-action buttons create a user-friendly experience. The site is responsive and provides concise but informative content about the company's services and projects.

The continuous animation in the background brings life to the website and correlates clearly with the text at each stage of the animation. This is a really good one-page website!

Extra fun fact: this one is built on Webflow, showing the real power of the tool! Read more about why Webflow is the best choice for a website in 2023 here!

Visit website

2 - Lummelunda

Screenshot of Lummelundas landing page

Lummelunda offers stylish design with clear information and interactivity in a way that makes the website both attractive and functional.

The website has wise use of animations and interactive elements in a subtle and really good way.

Also, this one is built on Webflow.

Visit website

3 - People

Screenshot of the People 3d library landing page

People is a collection of 3D characters created by Wannathis. The website takes the visitor on an interactive scrolling journey where each character is presented in an engaging manner.

It's an excellent example of a one-page website effectively launching a product/service. Through a clear thread and well-placed call-to-actions, a consistent experience is created for the visitor.

Pssst, did you know this website is built on Webflow too?

Visit website

4 - Score 90

Screenshot of Score90s landing page

Score 90 is one of the world's largest content creators when it comes to football content, with an impressive 7 million followers.

The website is great because it effectively caters to its audience with professional design, comprehensive information, and user-friendly navigation.

Knock knock We built this website, read more about the case here!

Visit website


In this article, we've covered why a one-page website can be advantageous. Through simple navigation, speed, increased conversion, and cost-effectiveness, it's definitely a choice worth considering for your business!

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