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10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration

10 really well made Greentech websites, get inspiration from these websites!
The Phent Team
January 31, 2024
5 min read
10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration

Numerous Greentech companies are actively striving to positively impact our world. Today, we aim to showcase some of these companies along with their visually stunning websites, hoping to inspire your business endeavors on what a Greentech website actually could be!

If you have an idea you're curious about, wondering if it's feasible, feel free to reach out to us. We're enthusiastic about exploring potential collaborations!

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites

This ranking is in no particular order

1 - Doconomy

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Doconomy's landingpage

Doconomy has a website that is almost on the "creative" side of things. It has a refreshing take on what Greentech website could become with it's "out of the box" approach if you compare it to the usual Greentech website. Good job to the guys over att Doconomy!

2 - Supernormal Greens

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Supernormal Greens landing page

The Supernormal Greens website offers an intuitive scrolling experience, skillfully integrating clever animations and interactions. It vividly illustrates why their green growing process surpasses other alternatives.

3 - Cemvision

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Cemvisions landing page

Cemvision, a greentech company, is dedicated to enhancing the cement industry. We won't delve too deeply into this website, as we built it — the decision is now yours to explore and evaluate!

4 - Green navis

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Green Navis landing page

This website serves as an excellent illustration of how straightforward text animations and parallax scroll effects contribute to a serious and high-quality feel. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, and the result is truly impressive. Explore the Green Navis website to personally experience these captivating animations!

5 - Absolute Green

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Absolute Green's landing page

Absolute Green Websites serves as an ideal example of transforming a seemingly straightforward business, which may appear mundane to some, into an engaging and interesting venture. Through a captivating website, they have elevated the user experience, ensuring that visitors are enticed to explore and read about the offerings of the business.

6 - Fever Energy

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Fever's landing page

The Fever Energy website adopts a simple layout and structure, and surprisingly, it works to its advantage. When executed correctly, as demonstrated here, it results in a clean and user-friendly experience. In this instance, they've executed it exceptionally well, and the simplicity of the design works wonders.

7 - Switchr

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Switchr's landing page

A notable aspect we appreciate about this site is its demonstration of effectively conveying a message through a one-page website. It emphasizes that, at times, a single page suffices to meet a company's communication needs.

If you want to read more about one page websites, do so here!

8 - Heart Aerospace

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Heart Aerospace's landing page

Before delving into the impressive aspects of their website, let's take a moment to appreciate the ingenuity of electrifying regional air travel. It's undeniably one of the coolest ideas out there.

Heart Aerospace cleverly implements their innovative concept by incorporating 3D elements into their scrolling animations, creating a smart and enjoyable user experience. We strongly encourage you to explore their website.

9 - Lummelunda

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Lummelunda's landing page

The Lummelundas website showcases a seamless combination of minimalistic and modern design. The integration of prominent headings and a direct approach complements the overall aesthetic, harmonizing with illustrations and subtle animations/interactive elements.

10 - Olio

10 Beautiful Greentech Websites - 2024 inspiration
Picture of Olio's landing page

Olio has recently revamped their website, and we are particularly fond of their fresh brand identity. It emanates a sense of positivity and optimism that resonates well with us. The new design exudes positive vibes, engaging users to continue scrolling and explore the offerings of the website.


While there are undoubtedly excellent Greentech companies, it must be acknowledged that, as a whole, the industry has unfortunately lagged behind in terms of website and brand identity. Compiling a list of well-designed websites in various industries, the Greentech sector proved to be one of the more challenging ones.

Far from being a drawback, this signifies significant potential! We are confident that the industry stands to gain substantially in terms of digital presence. If you have a project in mind, we'd be thrilled to engage in a conversation with you and explore the possibilities of what we could create together!

The Phent Team
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