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Wordpress vs Webflow - Which One You Should Choose and Why 2024

Which tool should you use to build a new website in 2023?
The Phent Team
November 23, 2023
5 min read
Wordpress vs Webflow - Which One You Should Choose and Why 2024

We've chosen to completely stop working in Wordpress and exclusively build websites using Webflow as our tool. In this article, you'll find out why we've made this change and why you should as well!

Scenario: A Typical Experience in Wordpress

Let's paint a scenario you've likely experienced if you've used Wordpress before:

You're in Wordpress, and you receive a notification that you need to update one of your many plugins due to reasons x, y, z. When you update your plugin, suddenly it feels like the entire site has been turned upside down.

Does this sound familiar? We've received this feedback from nearly all customers who've previously used Wordpress. They're extremely tired of how complicated Wordpress can be. Maintaining the website becomes a anoying task when it should be a strong sales channel instead!

So why is Wordpress still so popular?

We believe the reason Wordpress is so popular is rather straightforward. It's a tool that has been around for an extremely long time and is well-established.

When people think of building a new website, they usually consider Wordpress as their first option. However, this is gradually changing as new tools like Webflow have entered the market and shown that there are significantly better alternatives available.

In short, we believe that the widespread use of Wordpress today is due to people not being aware of better alternatives and a comfort in using what they've used before.

Why Webflow is Better Than Wordpress

Let's go through some reasons why Webflow is better than Wordpress.

We could spend hours explaining why Webflow is better. If you're interested in hearing more reasons than the ones listed below, you can contact us for a coffee chat! ☕️

Webflow Editor - The Key to an Easier Life

When building a website with Webflow, you get access to something called the Webflow Editor. We cannot praise this tool enough.

Once you use this interface, you'll find that Wordpress feels like the Stone Age. We guarantee it!

Below, you can see a gif demonstrating how easy it is to change text & images in the Webflow Editor. Does it seem too good to be true? We thought so too initially until we realized that websites should function like this in 2023.

Webflow's CMS Capabilities

With Webflow, we can build tailored CMS structures for our clients that suit their unique needs in a scalable way!

For instance, if you're a company with many employees and you need to continuously add or remove people, we've built a unique CMS structure that makes your life extremely easy.

We can assure you that you can add and remove people in under 5 minutes with this tool, without the headache of possibly breaking something on the website!

Interested in how this works? Contact us, and we'll tell you more about how we can assist with your unique needs!

Goodbye Plugins - Everything Under One Roof

If you have previous experience in Wordpress, you know that you need plugins to access more advanced functions.

An example of this is Yoast for proper SEO work. With Webflow, we bid farewell to all sorts of plugins!

Taking the SEO example, you can do all the SEO you need through Webflow's built-in tools, which are extremely easier to use and navigate.

The danger with all the plugins that come with Wordpress is that suddenly, you have 15 different plugins that you pay for monthly. This will never be the case with Webflow as everything is included under one roof!

If there's a need for third-party integrations like Zapier or others, it's entirely possible and in fact, very easy to implement. Webflow collaborates with the most common apps available, so there's nothing to worry about!

Contact us if you have questions about a specific integration.

Efficient Development - Faster Delivery

With Webflow, we can develop websites in an extremely efficient manner. We often say that Webflow is a no-code tool without limits.

If you have an idea, we can create it. With the tool's heavy focus on design and modern solutions, we can build tomorrow's websites & web experiences!

Curious about how we work? Read more about it here!

A Unique Website - Stand Out Among Your Competitors

If you hire a Wordpress agency, there's a risk that templates will be used with minimal customization to fit your brand.

We encourage everyone building a new website to examine the agency's previous work. If all the websites look very similar, this should be a warning sign that templates are being used!

When we build websites with Webflow, we always create a tailored design and a completely unique website for your company. We believe that a unique experience is the foundation for a good website that strengthens your brand.

Webflow - Used by Forward-Thinking Companies

A testament to Webflow being a better alternative than Wordpress is the companies that have chosen to use Webflow as their platform instead of Wordpress.

Below is a short list of companies using Webflow today:

ARK Capital

Ark kapitals landing page, built in Webflow

ARK Capital is a Swedish company leading in startup financing. They use Webflow for their website.

Visit ARK Capital's website


Image of Norrskens landing page, built in Webflow

Norrsken is one of the more well-known Swedish organizations. They use Webflow for their entire ecosystem of websites.

Visit Norrsken's website


Cemvisions landing page, built in Webflow

Cemvision is a Swedish company working to make the cement industry sustainable, backed by Norrsken and Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy.

Read our case study about Cemvision

Visit Cemvision's website

Webflow Evolves Continuously

One of the main reasons we chose to work with Webflow is their ability to constantly improve the tool and listen to their users.

As you might have noticed if you've worked in Wordpress before, everything looks very similar all the time. Things rarely get better but rather more complicated.

The case with Webflow is truly the opposite. With our almost three years of experience in the tool, we can say that a lot has changed with Webflow during this time, and it only gets better!

If there's a missing function, Webflow listens to its community and adds it. Meanwhile, Wordpress relies on someone creating a plugin, which will likely cost you monthly.

Fast Websites - Good Performance

Something crucial if you want to have a chance to rank high on Google is to have a fast website.

With Webflow's world-class web hosting, websites are always lightning-fast and have extremely well-crafted security.

Wordpress, on the other hand, may need certain plugins to make the website's security really good, and the number of plugins on the website affects its speed negatively!

Summary - What Should You Choose, Webflow or Wordpress?

With all the advantages Webflow offers compared to Wordpress and the simplicity the tool provides, the choice for us is quite simple!

We'll always recommend Webflow over Wordpress. We see no reason to use Wordpress as we believe they lag far behind Webflow in terms of possibilities and the general development of the tools.

We hope we've provided you with more information about Webflow and why we think it's better than Wordpress. It's possible that this might be the first time you've heard about Webflow. If you want to know more about the tool, please feel free to contact us for a chat over a cup of coffee!

Do you need a new website?

If you want to know more about Webflow and what can be created with the tool, contact us, and we'll schedule a free meeting where we can tell you more!

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