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Web Design and Development - Done Correctly - 2024

Learn how our process works and why it's beneficial for you!
The Phent Team
October 25, 2023
5 min read
Web Design and Development - Done Correctly - 2024

How does our process for web design and web development look? Today we are going to give you an insight into how we approach these two topics and why we believe our way of doing it is beneficial to both parties. And how can we get an entire website project finished in 6–8 weeks? Read the entire post to find out!

Fixed price = Security

One thing we want to make clear is that we only work on fixed prices. We have decided to do this because we believe it benefits both parties. For you, it is super easy to know the cost, and you can budget with precision! And we get rewarded for working efficiently, which we always strive to do!

If you want to read more about fixed pricing vs. hourly rates, read our earlier post about this!

Working together is the best way

Before we dive into our actual process, let's just make one thing clear. We are strong believers in collaboration and genuine interest, or rather, we don't believe this; we know it works, and therefore we preach it. If we can collaborate with our clients and have genuine interest in the business or like the people, we know that the result will be 100 times better. Since we always strive for the best result, these things are extremely important to us. Do you want to see if we are a match? Book a free meeting here and let us start our journey!

Alright, now that we have that common understanding, let us dive deeper into our actual process and why we work this way!

All good things starts with a coffee ☕️

How can coffee be so good and beneficial? Let me tell you, over a coffee, you get to know a lot about each other, and you get the opportunity to gauge if you are compatible for a collaboration. And as we mentioned above, this is a big part of our process! We don't only get to know each other as people; we also discover your needs for your project. In the first meeting, we find out what project scope you have in mind, and we will give you all the different inputs and ideas we have thanks to our expertise in the area.

Some of our past clients have told us that they really liked that we try to push the limits of the project and always be at the forefront of the project's potential.

"The Phent team is easy to bounce ideas off, and their feedback proposals were well thought out."
Mikael Rydle - Investment Manager, First Venture Sweden

Sitemap & Scope  { 1 - 2 Days }

When we had our wonderful cup of coffee, it is time to get the project started and nail the project scope.

We do this by developing a sitemap for your website. The sitemap almost looks like a tree diagram that explains the user journey on your website. We write short descriptions of each section and its purpose. See the picture below to get a better understanding of what this sitemap looks like!

When we have made a sitemap, you will get to give us feedback to see if all the sections and functionalities that you want on your website are applied to the sitemap. When this step is done, the fun part starts!

Designing { 1 - 2 Weeks }

This is one of the most fun parts on our end; we get to unleash our creativity and design a unique experience for your business!

So how does our design process work? Since we have nailed the sitemap together with you, our client, We know exactly what the website should contain and what sections should be placed where. This makes the design process a lot easier!

To make our designs, we use a tool called Figma. It's really convenient to use this tool as it lets all of us in our design teams collaborate very easily. As you might now know, an ongoing theme for us is collaboration!

When we have finished designing a website, we are not moving directly to development. Why, you might ask? Would it not be faster to just develop the website directly? Yes, it would be faster, but for us, the end result is more important! Don't forget, this is your website that we are helping to create! So when we make our first draft, you will get the entire web design sent to you so you can look at it and give us feedback on it!

We have decided to go this route because we really value our clients opinions and they know their business better than we do. But if we believe something should be a certain way because of our knowledge and expertise, we will stand our ground and advise you along the way!

This part of the process of involving our clients, we know, is really appreciated. See what one of our clients had to say about it!

"Phent {Studio} were responsive and gave us as a customer the opportunity to be involved in the design work at all times. They adapted to our wishes and needs and delivered everything we wanted. A fun and good collaboration!"
Ellen Hallinggård - People Partner, Peops Relations

Development & Animations { 1 - 2 Weeks }

When we both have agreed upon a design that we feel more than happy with, it is time to turn things into reality!

When we develop your website, we use a tool called Webflow. It is our main tool to build engaging web experiences! We have written about this tool in a previous post about some venture capital websites built with Webflow!

You might wonder how we can develop an entire website in the matter of 1-2 weeks, including animations and interactions. The short answer is Webflow in combination with over 2 years of experience working with the tool. We are experts in Webflow and are extremely efficient while developing, and we have streamlined the process to maintain good development speed. And we have to be completely honest; we are computer geeks and love to develop. It is our passion, so the hours fly by and we have a smile on our faces the entire time!

When we have developed the site, you have a chance to review the animations and interactive elements. If you think there is too much or too little, we will make sure you are 100% pleased with the end result! Important to note is that in all our projects, we develop responsive sites without extra cost. The year is 2023, and you should pay extra to have a website that works on all devices. This is a standard operation and a must for us.

Making your site loved by google

This is a step we take while developing, but we wanted to break it out in this post to make it easier to understand!

What we do is do a complete fundamental SEO adaptation for your site. We do all the meta tags, speed optimization, 301 redirects, and so on. This is, of course, also included in the total fixed price!

Deployment & Support

When we are done with the project and the website is ready to be published, we are going to test the entire website to see that everything is working as it should. We help you connect the website to your domain to make your new creation visible to the public!

When the site is live, we have maintenance packages that we offer to make sure your website does not become stagnant. We find that some websites get rebuilt, and then they just die after a couple of months. Without maintenance packages, this does not happen!

Some of our past work

Down below, you can see some of the work we have done in the past. If you want to read more about a specific case, you can read the case study for that case!

First Venture Sweden

First Sweden is a venture capitalist listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

Read the case study

Visit the site

Peops Relations

Peops Relations is a HR firm that works across multiple fields.

Read the case study

Visit the site


Orangutang is a production company that has worked with some of Sweden's biggest entities.

Read the case study

Visit the site

Time to take action!

Do you have a business that needs a new website? Contact us today and get a free quote and audit on your website, and remember, we only work with fixed prices, so the price we say is what you pay!

The Phent Team
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